Dress Agency

Our Dress Agency started as a trial in one of our small rooms on our first floor.  

With its growing popularity we have expanded it into another two rooms.  

It's a very simple format. You bring in your pristine designer or high end high street clothes, shoes or handbags and we will sell them for you. We accept Women's, Men's and Children's and pride ourselves in the way we display your items. The rooms look like a very high end boutique and if you didn't know, you would think the clothes were brand new. Once they are sold, you get 50% and we get 50% as your agent. If you decide to spend the money in the store you get an additional 10%! If they don't sell, you have them back or you can opt to donate them to our chosen charity Tenovus Cancer Care.

Our team who work in this department have great flare, a passion for fashion and really help you put an outfit together. If you're after something special they will put you on our 'Looking for List' and will send you photos if something comes in that may be of interest.  Nothing is too much trouble, which is the ethos we have throughout the store.